Our Quality

Musicorp Australia is committed to quality in everything we do.  We offer the country’s broadest range of instruments for rental from many of the world’s most prestigious manufacturers.


Quality underpins every activity from designing and delivering music programs to offering the broadest range of instrument rental and tuition choices.

Our stability

The Musical Instruments Rental industry is based on its disciplined financial management, its commitment to excellence and its nationally available resources.  Musicorp Australia is present in every mainland state.  More than 100,000 music students nationally have chosen their instruments from Musicorp Australia.  This makes us the largest single supplier of musical rental instruments in the country. Musicorp Australia‘s market presence enables it to provide the complete service you require.  Our experience and long-established relationships with leading international manufacturers ensure you get what you want. Musicorp Australia has the quality, the expertise and the stability to put music in your life.

Rent your instrument

The Musical Instruments Rental offers a broad range of hire options for a full range of musical product to both individuals and schools nationally. For those wishing to purchase their instrument, we are also happy to consider purchase offers at any time. Please contact us for our pricing guidelines, which we are sure you will find very competitive.

Learn & enjoy your instrument

The Musical Instruments Rental works alongside schools to create music programs or band programs that benefit students, the school and the community.  Musicorp Australia actively encourages students and teachers to enjoy their instruments.  We regularly organise player workshops where a speaker, such as a well-known musician, addresses music students and teachers from schools in the area to encourage their enthusiasm and development.