Rent Marching Mellophones and Baritones

If you are auditioning for drum corps this season and do not have access to a school-owned mellophone or baritone, we can help!   Perfect for woodwind players polishing up their brass skills to go for that spot in their favorite drum corps. 

We offer short-term rentals on used marching brass instruments for just $39/month.  There is a 3-month minimum which must be paid in advance, plus a shipping fee. (You can avoid shipping by picking up in Marietta, GA).  Can extend month-to-month after the first 90 days with no obligation.  Return at any time.  

There are a limited number of instruments available, so claim yours now!  

ONLY The Gift of Music offers a program like this.  Best of all, proceeds go to help others!  Our programs provide musical instruments and classes to kids who may not be able to afford them.